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J.M. Frey

Toronto, ON

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J.M. Frey is the author of TRIPTYCH (Dragon Moon Press), and "The Once and Now-ish King" in WHEN THE HERO COMES HOME (Dragon Moon Press, August 2011), THE DARK SIDE OF THE GLASS (Double Dragon Publishing, June 2012), "The Maddening Science" in WHEN THE VILLAIN COMES HOME (Dragon Moon Press, August 2012) and "Whose Doctor?" in DOCTOR WHO IN TIME AND SPACE (McFarland Press, Fall 2012). She holds a BA in Dramatic Literature, where she studied playwriting and traditional Japanese theatre forms, and a Masters of Communications and Culture, where she focused on fanthropology. Frey lived in Fukuoka-ken, Japan for two years where she worked for the JET Programme and studied Nihon Buyo, Kabuki, and cosplayed like crazy! She is active in the Toronto geek community, presenting at awards ceremonies, appearing on TV, radio, podcasts, live panels and documentaries to discuss all things fandom through the lens of Academia. Frey's pie-in-the-sky dream is to one day sing a duet with John Barrowman.

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