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There is a theme that bands around the world have tried to master, but most fall short: The fusion of analog and digital; in other words, creating a new style of rock music through a uniform fusion of human and electronic elements.

Among these, there exists in Japan a band that has coined the term "Glamroid Metal Music" -- expressing its usage of feminine, heavy, and electronic elements to describe its own sound, and daring to bring together three elements in a miracle combination. With a heavy metal approach built upon live performances that generate a humanistic sense of apprehension, a ruthless and violent inorganic edge expressed through electronics, and explosions of emotion that words fail to describe, Marlee displays a style all its own that defies categorization.

That band is called [marlee], and it consists of three unique individuals who, through their music, continue the fight day by day to reclaim the true essence of fine art that the world had lost, brainwashing their audiences into compliance from their most basic functions upward.

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