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Brendan Hunter

Voice Actor
Calgary, AB


Professional actor since birth and Voice Actor for past 10 years, Brendan Hunter has loved doing lead roles in Dragon ball GT, Dragon Ball, Gregory Horror Show, DICE, Hoop Days, Jubei-Chan 2, Di Gi Charat Nyo!, Hunter X Hunter, Pretty Cure, many Gundam VG's, 'Megaman: Powered Up' VG, and many others.

Recently turned feature film producer, you can watch for LLOYD THE CONQUEROR, a LARPing comedy with Brian Posehn, Mike (Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys) Smith and Harland Williams, with rising star Evan Williams of Baxter and Degrassi Next Generation to hit theatres this fall and a special preview at Otafest.

Brendan lives with his wife and children in Calgary Alberta, which incidentally is about to become the hottest place in Canada for indy feature films, TV and hopefully animation. Brendan is developing projects in all those mediums with local writer/directors at world standard production levels. Stay tuned!

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