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Ciarán Strange [pronouns: he/they] is a celebrated transgender/non-binary voice actor, Twitch affiliate, sci-fi author, mental health advocate, indie rocker, and multimedia artist based in Dallas, TX.

Ciarán's bed-headed redhead has graced live music stages across the US, UK, Canada, and Japan, performing at countless shows, conventions, festivals, and pride events. However, his artistic journey took a thrilling turn when he entered the world of voice acting, landing roles in various anime simuldubs, including AOASHI, Chainsaw Man, SK8 the Infinity, The Case Study of Vanitas, Fruits Basket, and more.

Among his most recognizable voice roles are foul-mouthed NPC Lor (also known as Paladin Mike) in the Borderlands franchise, and the unhinged Quaetro Blitz in the new Tower of God mobile game, New World, both of which showcase the versatility of his talent in this industry.

Aside from his vocal ventures, Ciarán is making waves with his LGBTQIA+ urban sci-fi series, debuting with the thrilling novel "Black Tie," a M/M political thriller akin to "an awkward queer James Bond navigating a world of superheroes."

In his spare time, Ciarán engages with his loyal fanbase through Twitch streams, quickly achieving affiliate status. Additionally, he is venturing into new territory as idol Vtuber "CL/Ciel" alongside several industry friends.

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