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Cape Coral, FL, USA

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Echo is a multiple award winning illustrator, fantasy artist and instructor with hundreds of publishing credits under her belt. Just like the grand master of the style, Alphonse Mucha, she is a highly sought-after artist for projects ranging from novels, tarot cards, posters, packaging and advertising illustration. Her clients span the spectrum of highest quality projects: from role-playing games to novels, fine liquors to brand name American beers, from opera houses to rock stars, from five-star resorts and multi-billion-dollar casinos to mom-and-pop retail stores.

After graduating summa cum laude in 1995 from Pratt Institute of Art & Design in New York, she quickly became a highly sought after illustrator for role-playing games, book publishing, product design and - most notably - poster design. Echo studies the nature of feminine beauty from a woman's eye. Not content to represent the mere idea of beauty, Echo painstakingly explores the beauty of a particular woman and produces masterworks of detailed rendering and ornamentation.

Echo begins every piece with a hand-drawing from a live model. She rough in her details in graphite on vellum before moving the piece into her custom built computer. There, she painstakingly paints the figure in Adobe Photoshop and renders most of the ornamentation in Adobe Illustrator. From there, she works directly with her husband and master print-maker Lazarus to produce the highest quality Giclees and archival prints. She considers her limited edition giclees to be her original run. Just as Alphonse Mucha pressed the technological boundaries of modern print-making in his day, Echo too is forcing the 21st century print-making tools to their breaking point (and sometimes past it).

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