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Your con hasn't brightened up like a shining star until you've met Louis Frost. Going by several aliases around the cons, he goes by the V.I.P. moniker Allfrost. Like a star with wings, he goes around socializing with the attendees, bringing an uplifting atmosphere and reflecting the nature of cons in the GTA. Louis's first convention experience, back in Fanexpo 08', gave him an insight on how big the social scene was for anime, comic book, video games, etc. First documenting his experiences in the form of a YouTube show, Lou has been increasing his activities at cons by becoming a photographer, getting into cosplay, and helping to introduce people to the convention scene. He's a mischievous trouble maker, which comes with the job as Soul Patch's Head Of Blackops. During his spare time, he likes to lavish in his wealth by counting and updating his noble amassment of hats. (And sleeping in.) Brawling in the streets in a blue blaze of glory to become the king of fighters, Lou is the go-to guy for con advice and experience. If a situation calls for Lou, he can truly say "I've got this."

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