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Justin "JewWario" Carmichael

Justin "JewWario" Carmichael

That Guy With The Glasses
Colorado, USA

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He started working on his internet video game review series 'You Can Play This' in December 2008 and its success quickly took off with him being invited to join the That Guy With The Glasses team in April of 2009. Since then he has appeared in the made-for-internet-movies 'Kickassia', 'Suburban Knights', and the recent 'To Boldly Flee'. It was in 'Suburban Knights' that his impersonation of Jareth from 'Labyrinth' gained him a large fanbase and many a 'squee' from the internet.

He recently started work on his own tokusatsu (special-effect) hero mini-series known as Kamen Riders and is hard at work to film his own character (the 'FamiKamen Rider') which is due to air in March 2013 with a DVD release in May or June that same year.

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