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Brian Woods

Birmingham, AL, USA


Brian Woods currently lives in Birmingham, Alabama where he works during the day as a computer programmer, database administrator, and in network support; while at night, he brings fantasy to life with his writings. Brian, along with co-writer Roy C Booth, is currently bringing to life the Tales of Suruale fantasy series, a multi-book spanning saga. Brian and Roy have also released short stories for anthology collections such as "The Great Green Kettle Pie Recipe Caper" for Tales of Fortannis: A Bard's Eye View (Double Dragon). Future projects include "The Valkron Saga," "Dragon Warriors," and the YA offering "The Story of Traylein." Both Brian and Roy are Pro-Kindle and you can find many of their works there.

Tales of Suruale:
Davi (Volume One)
Cythe (Volume Two)

Anime Convention Guest Appearances


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