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Mandy Moore (aka AmazonMandy) is a cosplayer, designer, and business owner who makes her living sewing custom cosplays, gowns, costumes and clothing for people. Having been a convention go-er for 15 years, in 2004 she did her first cosplay on a dare (a female version of the Joker) and has been hooked ever since! She started cosplaying outside of Pittsburgh, and is currently located in Orlando, Florida. She's an outdoor enthusiast, loves working out, and spending time with her pets. She has always been very creative and artistic, having previously run a business for 10 years as a painter, and decided because she loved sewing so much to turn her profession from painting to sewing 3 years ago. She really loves experimenting using all mediums, also making her own props, armor, and styling/dying her own wigs. She has made over 100 costumes for herself, and hundreds for clients.

She has 10 years of experience cosplaying, being a panelist, judge, and guest at conventions. She offers video tutorials when time allows it, and she works hard to bring positivity and acceptance to cosplay, firmly believing anyone of any age, shape, color and size should be able to participate in and enjoy the hobby. She tries to teach people about acceptance and inclusiveness in the community, and loves meeting new cosplayers and people at all of the conventions she travels to. She makes costumes for anyone who would like one, feeling that the best business reward of all is making her clients feel pretty, bad-ass, sexy, and glamorous wearing her creations.

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