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The Vagabonds

Steampunk Costumers / Prop Makers / Performers
Massachusetts, USA

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Lurking out from the shadows, The Vagabonds are a crew of nomadic, crime solving, ninja bandits who have an absurd love for terrorizing Boston, Michigan, and Ohio areas. They'd go farther, but because of their fearless leader's love for messing with machinery he really shouldn't be touching, that's about as far as they've been able to get. But stay tuned! A few miles of rope, and this may get fixed.

From terrorizing "The Man" to assembling like minded individuals into coherent masses for posing and picture taking, they do it all. Being conventionally recognized doesn't really suit their style at times, but being the good hearted individuals they are, they'll easily be prepared to give creative instruction on any manner of topics. Remember, when you throw aristocrats, pirates, a cook, and a few outlaws at each other, you can't help but come up with a bronze and brass encyclopedia whose pages are always changing.

Recently it has come to their attention that their leader, Locke. may be one of the first YouTube steampunk vlogers. There he tells crazy stories of their adventures, or whats been happening around on the ship. Apparently there isn't a dull moment for them at any time. Where can his channel be found? Go to

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