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Adam Smith, former graphic artist, goldsmith, watchmaker, IT corporate-slave and renfest booth owner, currently splits his wage-earning time between vending his handcrafted leatherwares at various conventions and festivals, and building costume and prop pieces for the film industry.

Are you a fan of zombie films? Horror films in general? Then chances are you've seen Adam Smith's costume and props pieces... from the SAW franchise to George A. Romero, to the Resident Evil films, his work can be seen throughout them all. Whether he's dressing Nemesis from Resident Evil: Apocalypse or outfitting the Repoman from REPO! The Genetic Opera, Adam Smith has been plying his leatherworking skills in film for years.

As his Steampunk alter-ego Phineas Phlensing, Esq., he is a gentleman of questionable and shady background, a dinosaur big-game hunter, and a tinkerer and inventor of various weaponry and gadgets, harnessing electrical aether, gunpowder and raw metal in equal measures. Do not be fooled by his easy and likable demeanor: he WILL trick you into purchasing his tavern beverages for him.

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