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Nobuo Uematsu was born in March 21, 1959, in Kochi Prefecture, Japan.

He initially started his career in music making music for TV commercials after graduating from Kanagawa University.

In 1986, he joined Square Co.,Ltd. (now renamed as Square Enix Co., Ltd.) and began working on the much acclaimed Final Fantasy series. Later, he became the audio director of Square and has produced music for many other popular games.

In October 2004, he left Square Enix and established his own company, SMILE PLEASE CO.,LTD. and also in October 2006, he also founded Dog Ear Records Co.,Ltd. As the president of the companies, he has been actively involved in various types of music productions.

He is known for composing many renowned works from Final Fantasy, Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon as well as from the Guinsaga anime.

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