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Ichidan is a live theatre group that has been performing since 2006 and heralds from Boise, Idaho. Their performances are largely based on Anime, Manga, Video Games and other facets of Japanese popular culture. Many of it's members have been involved in theater, voice over, film and television acting during a large portion of their young lives as well as Martial Arts and other aspects of Japanese culture. Having these interests, it was only natural for Ichidan to be formed under a foundation of theater and cosplay. In 2006 Ichidan debuted their first full scale performance, "Full Metal Alchemist: The Black Gate" the production was based on the popular "Full Metal Alchemist" Anime series. The show was a great success and received appraise from Vic Mignogna, voice actor for Edward Elric. Ichidan also debuted "Kingdom Hearts: Another Side" at Fandemonium 2006. "Another Side" was the first of a three part trilogy based on the popular Kingdom Hearts video game series. It's second
and third installments "The Keyblade War" and "Master Of The Keyblade" debuted in 2007, and 2008. The complete trilogy totals at four hours and forty eight minutes in length and has a total of seventy nine characters. In 2008 Ichidan reinvented themselves once again with "Ouran High School Host Club: American Tour" a production that introduced a new formula in the realm of cosplay. This show was a four part production with act one one on the first day of the convention, act two on Saturday, act three on Sunday, and act four during closing ceremonies. What made this unique is that the performance was designed to incorporate the entire convention and events held their into the script. Actors would interact as the hosts during the entire convention and then alter the performance to include what they saw and experienced during the weekend. In 2009 Ichidan performed "Death Note: Retribution" one hour long play depicting the events that take place after Light's Death and revolving
around the mysterious "Death Eraser" a magical eraser featured in the pilot episode of the the Death Note manga which can bring people back to life once their names are erased from the Death Note.
This year, Ichidan will be performing "Rurouni Kenshin: Pathway." only at Anime Oasis. This production takes place immediately after the Samurai X OVA's "Trust and Betrayal" and depicts the early days of Kenshin's life as a wanderer. "Pathway" is also unique in that Ichidan will be selecting attendees to participate in the production as some of the legendary Samurai police squad known as the "Shinsengumi."

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