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Irulanne is a French-Canadian woman who lives in Calgary, Alberta.

She was first known on the internet for her extensive Sailor Moon/SeraMyu knowledge and her unique French website about the series. For many years, she's been involved in all kind of anime-related activities, traveled to Japan four times, and became the leader of the most productive fan dubbing group of all time (Chorale Sailor Production).

Now, with more than fifteen years of singing Jpop and anime songs behind her, Irulanne is well known around the internet for her distinctive and powerful singing voice.

Irulanne is currently one of the most respected veterans of amateur Jpop and anime singing. She officially debuted in 2000 with a French version of the "Sailor Moon Sailor Stars"ïï1/21/2 theme which was received with a phenomenal response around the internet. In the following years, Irulanne has recorded over a hundred songs and released several CD cover albums, raising the bar in the online jpop singing communities. Irulanne is currently working on new original songs as well!

From 2006 to 2010, Irulanne was the leader and main singer of "Irulanne and Friends", a group of amateur singers that performed full-length Jpop concerts at conventions and Japanese Festivals in Eastern Canada. Among her other achievements, Irulanne created Otakuthon Idol in 2007 and Anime North Idol in 2011 and will return once more to Toronto in 2012 as the director of Canada's biggest jpop idol singing competition. Irulanne is also a member of a genuine Japanese Choir and is regularly invited to sing and volunteer at events of the Japanese Community of Calgary.

When she is not singing, Irulanne takes care of her little daughter Kara.

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