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Stephanie Celeste

Stephanie Celeste

Artist / Writer / Director
Concept Galaxy
Orlando, FL, USA

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Stephanie Chateau (aka "Stephanie Celeste", "Lady in Red", "The Captain") has been an artist, writer, and entertainer for theme parks, interactive entertainment companies, and conventions for over a decade now. Back in 2006 Stephanie decided to use the skills she learned while working at Universal Studios Florida to conduct her own "creative experiment" at conventions. This creative experiment turned into what is now known as Concept Galaxy: Interactive production troupe and creative team.

Prior to creating Concept Galaxy, Stephanie was first and foremost known as an artist at conventions, for her comic series "Oh, Captain!" and "Chaos in the Outer Region" , and like most American Manga-Ka, creating a boat load of fan art that helped her to establish a loyal fan base online.

Stephanie's past experience designing costumes for third party contractors combined with her experience as a theme park performer also proves useful to conventions seeking out a fair and knowledgeable guest judge, entertainment director, or panelist for their cosplay related events.

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