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Jeff Nimoy

Director / Writer / Voice Actor
Los Angeles, CA USA


JEFF NIMOY is probably best known for voicing the popular character WOLFWOOD, on the series TRIGUN. But he's equally known for writing and directing the first two seasons of DIGIMON: DIGITAL MONSTERS (as well as voicing the character of TENTOMON). In addition he wrote and directed DIGIMON: THE MOVIE, and DIGIMON: REVENGE OF DIABOROMON. Recently he directed the first 26 episodes of the mega hit NARUTO. He also served as an Executive Producer and writer on numerous other FOX KIDS shows. Prior to that he was nominated for three EMMY Awards in four years, winning once, for his comedic work as a writer and producer for NFL FILMS PRESENTS on ESPN and FOX. He also wrote the SHOWTIME movie BIG BROTHER TROUBLE, and wrote the original animated feature, PECO LA , soon to be released theatrically worldwide. He is currently writing and directing the series ZATCH BELL for Cartoon Network. Other writing credits include BO-BOBO, MEGA MAN, TOKYO PIG, and SD GUNDAM FORCE.



Convention Guest Appearances:
   Anime Central 2006 - May 5-7 in Rosemont, IL
   Anime North 2006 - May 26-28 in Toronto, ON
   Anime Festival Orlando 2006 - July 28-30 in Orlando, FL
   Anime Vegas 2006 - September 2-4 in Las Vegas, NV
   Anime Festival Orlando 2007 - August 3-5 in Orlando, FL cancelled appearance
   AnimeFest 2007 - August 31 - September 3 in Dallas, TX
   Youmacon 2007 - November 1-4 in Troy, MI
   Naruto Trek Convention 2008 - March 28-30 in Fort Lauderdale, FL
   Anime Central 2008 - May 16-18 in Rosemont, IL
   Anime North 2008 - May 23-25 in Toronto, ON
   Supanova Pop Culture Expo 2008 - June 20-22 in Sydney, NSW, Australia
   Supanova Pop Culture Expo 2008 - June 27-29 in Claremont, WA, Australia
   Middle Tennessee Anime Convention 2009 - April 3-5 in Nashville, TN
   Middle Tennessee Anime Convention 2015 - April 3-5 in Nashville, TN
   AniMinneapolis 2016 - May 6-8 in Minneapolis, MN
   Tekko 2017 - April 6-9 in Pittsburgh, PA
   Hanadoki Con 2017 - April 14-16 in San Diego, CA
   Anime Expo 2017 - July 1-4 in Los Angeles, CA
   Geek.Kon 2017 - August 25-27 in Middleton, WI
   Animé Los Angeles 2018 - January 25-28 in Ontario, CA
   Geek.Kon 2018 - August 24-26 in Middleton, WI
20 guest appearances

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