CyPhaCon 2014 Information

CyPhaCon 2014

CyPhaCon 2014
April 4-6, 2014
Lake Charles Civic Center
Lake Charles, LA, USA

Gaming Convention with Anime, Fantasy, and Sci-Fi programming

CyPhaCon is the culmination of a dream of Anime, Scf-fi/Fantasy and Gaming fans in S.W. Louisiana. We have come together from different walks of life and disparate interests with one goal: A recurring and fun fan convention, by fans, for fans. When YOU enjoy yourselves, WE are at our happiest.
The idea and planning for CyPhaCon began in the summer of 2010 with a board of 6 half-experienced, yet bold, staffers. To our surprise, we managed to not only pull off a successful first year, but a success beyong our wildest imaginings. Next thing ya know, we're getting offers to help and requests for attendance from attendees and media personalities alike. Today we were pleased and humbled is an understatement; we couldn't believe our good fortune. What had we done to deserve this?

Attendance Information

1,700 total people
1,400 paid attendeees (estimated)

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