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Vartan Sharkpuncher



A discerning cosplayer with high skills and even higher standards, Vartan Sharkpuncher is a long time costumer, performer and judge. Awarded multiple Best in Show and Best in Division awards, he is best known for attention to the detail in both costumes and performance techniques. Precision wig work, resin casting, leather crafting, fabric manipulation, and even perfume making; whether crafting his own costumes or a commissioned work, he focuses on a complete recreation of the character. He enjoys sharing his passion for unusual techniques, and can frequently be found hosting panels on skit performance and advanced craftsmanship techniques - most recently dyeing and fabric manipulation. Over the course of the last decade, he has also served as a craftsmanship judge at over a dozen conventions, including Anime Expo, Katsucon and Otakon as well as being head of craftsmanship judging at Nekocon since 2007.



Convention Guest Appearances:
   Anime North 2014 - May 23-25 in Toronto, ON

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    Vartan Sharkpuncher

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