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Howard Wang

Voice Actor
Dallas, TX USA


Ya boi Howard has been voice acting professionally for anime and video games since late 2016. His voice can be heard in Yuri!!! On ICE as Guang-hong Ji, RWBY as Whitley Schnee, Tsugumomo as Kazuya Kagami, Gamers! as Eiichi Misumi, Nanbaka as Hitoshi Sugoroku, Touken Ranbu Hanamaru as Kikkou Sadamune, King's Game The Animation as Naoya Hashimoto, and more! For the video based games, Howard has voiced in Battlerite as Raigon and Oldur, SMITE as Fire Lord Ne Zha, Marvel Avengers Academy as Karnak, The Letter as Ashton Frey, Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs as Carran, and then some.

Outside of voice over, Howard is also a game designer, and was the project lead for the indie game Super Knockoff! VS. But when he's not making the video based games, he enjoys playing them, and is currently addicted to mobile gacha games. His other hobbies include cooking, singing, and trying to get his cats to love him.



Convention Guest Appearances:
   Anime Evolution 2013 - June 28-30 in Vancouver, BC
   Youmacon 2014 - October 30 - November 2 in Detroit, MI

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    Howard Wang

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