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Mai Sheri

Toronto, ON Canada

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Mai Sheri (sometimes known as Calico, and once in a rare while as Jen)
has been active in the Toronto cosplay community since she first
attended Anime North in 2004, where she discovered that her love for
making elaborate Halloween costumes could eventually evolve into a
full-time hobby.

She has won many masquerade awards, including "Best Master
Workmanship", "Best In Show Workmanship", "Best Performance", and
"Best In Show" at various Ontario conventions, as well as "Best In
Class Workmanship" and "Best In Class Presentation" at Worldcon.

She is easily described as a passionate detail-oriented costumer,
having been known to scour the city looking for just the right pair of
tights, spend countless hours painting designs onto a bodysuit, or
create a bead-encrusted ruby slipper. She has also, on occasion,
ripped apart entire costumes and reassembled them using newly learned
techniques just for a slightly higher level of quality.

Mai Sheri recreates costumes from many different sources, be it
animated/live action movies and television, video games, or graphic
novels. Besides her own projects, she involves herself in the fandom
shenanigans of others by acting in their music video and small film
projects, posing for their photo shoots, and helping to organize
community gatherings around the city. Her one single wish would be to
have more time to dedicate to the more "crazy" costume designs on her
ever expanding "MUST MAKE" list.



Convention Guest Appearances:
   ConBravo! 2011 - July 30-31 in Burlington, ON
   Con-G 2012 - February 25-26 in Guelph, ON
   ConBravo! 2012 - July 27-29 in Burlington, ON
   Con-G 2013 - February 22-24 in Guelph, ON
   ConBravo! 2013 - July 26-28 in Hamilton, ON
   Unplugged Expo 2013 - October 26-27 in Toronto, ON

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