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Takamasa Sakurai

Writer / Producer


Born in 1965, Mr. Sakurai is a content media producer, an author and a journalist. He is currently involved as cultural exchange spokesman, giving talks in 72 cities in 20 countries and produced fashion shows. He is one of the first persons to use animation and Harajuku fashion in cultural exchange programs and is often invited as a guest in events about Japan.

Mr. Sakurai is most famous as the author of books such as the Anime Bunka Gaiko (Anime Culture Diplomacy) and Sekai Kawaii Kakumei (World Kawaii Revolution), and for taking part in the establishment of "Kawaii Ambassadors" -- three Japanese girls who offer lectures on Japanese fashion at such events as Bangkok's Japan Festa and Paris's Japan Expo.



Convention Guest Appearances:
   Salón del Manga 2009 - October 29 - November 1 in Barcelona, Spain
   Otakon 2010 - July 30 - August 1 in Baltimore, MD
   New York Comic Con 2010 - October 8-10 in New York, NY
   AnimeNEXT 2011 - June 10-12 in Somerset, NJ
   Kintoki-Con 2011 - June 18-19 in Sacramento, CA
   Otakon 2011 - July 29-31 in Baltimore, MD
   Anime Boston 2012 - April 6-8 in Boston, MA
   Otakon 2013 - August 9-11 in Baltimore, MD
   FanExpo Canada 2013 - August 22-25 in Toronto, ON
   Hyper Japan 2015 - July 10-12 in London, UK
   Otakon 2015 - July 24-26 in Baltimore, MD
11 guest appearances

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    Takamasa Sakurai

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