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January 14, 2017
The Michener Institute of Education at UHN

Anime Shogatsu is an event which celebrates the anime culture and Japanese New Year! Our goal is to spread awareness of the anime and Japanese culture. By showcasing various aspects of anime and Japanese culture, we hope to spread awareness of the wonderful and often misunderstood side of this subculture. Join us for games, workshops, lectures, showcases, masquerades, live performances and more!

Advance Rates:
$15 through Jan 14, 2017

At-Door Rates:

Baeged Cosplays (Cosplayer)
Bamzy (Cosplayer)
Bear Sailor Moon (Cosplayer)
Bec's Cosplay Wonderland (Cosplayer)
Bella Cosplay (Cosplayer)
Mel Colley (Cosplayer)
Coshalfnaked (Cosplayers)
Loretta Jafelice (Voice Actress)
Matt Smith (Voice Actor)

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Anime Shogatsu

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