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Costume Convention with Anime and SciFi

August 18, 2018
Ontario Science Centre

Join us as we celebrate Cosplay Culture in Canada! Cosplay Matsuri, a place where all cosplayers can share their passion together as a community.

Cosplayers are among the most talented among fans of Anime, Sci-Fi, movies, and pop culture. Cosplay Matsuri wishes to celebrate this creativity by bringing cosplay artists together to learn, share techniques, and admire each others work in a festival to celebrate this unique community of artists.

With Cosplay specific Panels, Guest Speakers, Guests, Workshops, and events through the day, we hope to help people who enjoy cosplay, as well as those who are curious about cosplay to learn more about this exciting community of passionate fans!

Remember please respect each other, ask for permission before taking photos, and please enjoy responsibly!

Cosplay Matsuri

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