Anime Convention News Archive by Month
February 1, 2011

Final Naka-Kon 2011 guests announced
Naka-Kon has announced Charlene Ingram, DJ Sephiroth, Dustin Reudelhuber, Angela Von Huber, Amelie Belcher, Eric Wile, and the Kojokan Shinbutai samurai group. The convention will be February 18-20 in Kansas City, Missouri.   [read more] [discuss]

February 3, 2011

AniMinneapolis announces Shannon and Richard Townsend
On the weekend of July 8-10, Shannon and Richard Townsend will be guests at AniMinneapolis in Minneapolis, Minnesota.   [read more] [discuss]

February 4, 2011

Anime Expo 2011 announces over $25,000 in masquerade prizes
Anime Expo 2011 will award a $10,000 cash prize to their masquerade's Best of Show winner. Second place will receive $2,500 and third place will receive $1,000. Other cosplay competitions at the convention will split nearly $12,000 in cash and prizes. The convention will take place this July in Los Angeles.   [read more] [discuss]

Steve Blum and Reni Mimura announced for Tekkoshocon
Tekkoshocon has announced voice actor Steve Blum and idol singer Reni Mimura as the latest additions to their guest list. The convention will be held March 31 through April 3 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.   [read more] [discuss]

February 7, 2011

The Man Power reach out to their fans to help release new album at MTAC
The Man Power has announced a Kickstarter project to finish funding on their upcoming album. If the project reaches its goal, the album will be released at MTAC 2011 in Nashville, Tennessee.   [read more] [discuss]

Online pre-registration goes live and guests announced for Anime Festival Orlando
Anime Festival Orlando has announced Wendee Lee, Reuben Langdon, Dan Southworth, Dr. Jason Narvy, and Jason David Frank. The convention will take place this August in Orlando, Florida.   [read more] [discuss]

PortConMaine announces college scholarship to be awarded for 2011
PortConMaine has announced a $500 scholarship to be awarded to one of the college bound or college enrolled PortConMaine community members. Entries are due by June 1st. PortConMaine will be held June 23-26 in South Portland, Maine. The scholarship will be presented during the cosplay competition at the convention.   [read more] [discuss]

February 9, 2011

Tora-Con announces Brina Palencia and Uncle Yo
Tora-Con has announced their pre-registration prices as well as guests Brina Palencia and Uncle Yo. The convention will be held this April in Rochester, New York.   [read more] [discuss]

February 14, 2011

Kawa Kon announces last round of guests
Kawa Kon has announced Quinton Flynn, YukaPon, Samurai Dan & Jillian, GalCir WishFul, MUSETAP, and Three Rivers Okiya as guests of honor. The convention will take place March 11-13 in St. Louis, Missouri.   [read more] [discuss]

February 16, 2011

World Cosplay Summit regionals at AM2 this July
AM2 in Anaheim, California will be hosting the US preliminaries for the World Cosplay Summit. The free convention will be held July 1st to 3rd.   [read more] [discuss]

February 17, 2011

Anime Expo 2011 announces Vic Mignogna
Vic Mignogna has been announced as a guest of honor at Anime Expo 2011 which will be held July 4th weekend in Los Angeles.   [read more] [discuss]

February 18, 2011

Anime Expo 2011 presents the world premiere of Last Exile -Fam, The Silver Wing-
Anime Expo will be presenting the world premiere of Gonzo's Last Exile -Fam, The Silver Wing-. The convention will be held July 4th weekend in Los Angeles.   [read more] [discuss]

February 22, 2011

AM2 announces animation festival and competition
AM2 has announced the AM2 Animation Festival and Competition which will feature cash prizes for Best U.S. Animated Short, Best International Animated Short, Best U.S. Animated Feature, Best International Animated Feature and Best of Show. The convention will be held in Anaheim, California this July.   [read more] [discuss]

February 24, 2011

Danny Choo will be an official Anime Expo 2011 guest of honor
Anime Expo 2011 has announced writer and blogger Danny Choo as a guest of honor. The convention will be held July 4th weekend in Los Angeles.   [read more] [discuss]

February 25, 2011

Shinboku-con to host Cosplay Cafe at Arabica of Sheffield
Shinboku-con has announced their spring fundraiser, a Cosplay Cafe at Arabica of Sheffield. The event will run from 2pm to 6pm on Saturday, March 5th in Elyria, Ohio.   [read more] [discuss]

NMAC changes venues and announces new events
Northern Michigan Anime Convention has announced guests Richard Epcar, Year 200X, Mike Dellheim, and Adam Smithee. The convention will take place this September in Traverse City, Michigan.   [read more] [discuss]

February 28, 2011

EvilleCon announces Matt Hill as voice actor guest
Voice actor Matt Hill will be a guest of honor at EvilleCon this April in Evansville, Indiana.   [read more] [discuss]

Tora-Con 2011 announces second round of guests
Chris Rager, Richard Epcar and Ellyn Stern have been announced as guests at Tora-Con. The convention will be held this April at RIT in Rochester, NY.   [read more] [discuss]