Anime Convention News Archive by Month
April 1, 2010

New podcast episode posted for April 2010
The AnimeCons TV Podcast crew found a VHS tape with a "classic" episode from 1990. It's now posted in our podcast feed and also available for viewing on AnimeCons TV.   [read more] [discuss]

April 6, 2010

Anime Expo 2010 announces the appearance of special guest Japanese DJs
Anime Expo has announced six special guest DJs for its convention in Los Angeles this July. The DJs are DJ CHUCKY, M-Project, m1dy, GUHROOVY, NO+CHIN and DJ Schwarzenegger.   [read more] [discuss]

AnimeNEXT welcomes Japanese all-girl rock band Stereopony
AnimeNEXT, located in Somerset, New Jersey, has announced Stereopony, an all-girl Japanese rock band, for its convention this June.   [read more] [discuss]

QC Anime-zing! announces Spike Spencer
QC Anime-zing! has announced an appearance by voice actor Spike Spencer. The convention will be held this June in Bettendorf, Iowa.   [read more] [discuss]

CPAC announces attendance cap and registration extension
Castle Point Anime Convention has announced an attendance cap of 2,000 people. The convention's pre-registration deadline has also been extended to midnight on Wednesday, April 7th. The convention will be held on April 11th in Hoboken, New Jersey.   [read more] [discuss]

Geek.Kon announces first round of guests
Geek.Kon 2010 has announced guests Chris Ayres, Bill Bodden, Matt Forbeck, and Aaron Pavao. The "geekdom" convention will take place this September in Middleton, Wisconsin.   [read more] [discuss]

San Japan announces third round of guests for 2010 convention
San Japan has announced appearances by Keshiki, R. K. Milholland, Clarine Harp, and DigitalDimensionCosplay. The convention will take place this July in San Antonio, Texas.   [read more] [discuss]

April 8, 2010

FanimeCon adds six new guests
FanimeCon has announced guests Carl Gustav Horn, Gilles Poitras, Jonathan Osborne, Keith Burgess, Ric Meyers, and Ryan Gavigan. The convention will take place in San Jose, California on Memorial Day weekend.   [read more] [discuss]

T-MODE adds three musical guests
T-MODE 2010 has announced musical performers Shing02, DJ Icewater, and Emi Meyer. The convention will be held April 16-18, 2010 in Alexandria, Virginia.   [read more] [discuss]

April 9, 2010

Niji to perform at Shinboku-con 2010
Shinboku-con has announced that the dance group Niji will be performing at the convention. Shinboku-con will take place on April 16-18 in Elyria, Ohio.   [read more] [discuss]

April 11, 2010

Daisuke Ishiwatari and Toshimichi Mori will attend FanimeCon 2010
FanimeCon, Aksys Games, and Arc System Works have announced video game creators Daisuke Ishiwatari and Toshimichi Mori as guests of honor at FanimeCon 2010, which will be held May 28th to 31st, at the San Jose Convention Center.   [read more] [discuss]

Zenkaikon announces fifth convention
The fifth Zenkaikon will take place on March 18-20, 2011 at the Valley Forge Convention Center and Valley Forge Scanticon Hotel and Conference Center in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania.   [read more] [discuss]

April 12, 2010

CHS Otaku Fest announces four musical guests
CHS Otaku Fest has announced four new musical guests: The Protomen, Entertainment System, Lesser.Core, and DJ Sheephead. All four bands will be performing at the convention on April 24th in Ellicott City, Maryland.   [read more] [discuss]

HamaCon announces guest Micah Solusod
HamaCon has announced voice actor Micah Solusod as a guest of honor for the convention. The con will be held this June in Huntsville, Alabama.   [read more] [discuss]

April 13, 2010

Animazement announces special guest Kappei Yamaguchi
Animazement has announced that voice actor Kappei Yamaguchi will be a guest at this year's convention which will be held in Raleigh, North Carolina on May 28-30.   [read more] [discuss]

April 19, 2010

American anime producer Carl Macek passes away
Animation historian Jerry Beck reported on his blog on Sunday that American producer Carl Macek passed away due to a heart attack on Saturday. Macek and Beck had co-founded Streamline Pictures in 1988.   Source: Anime News Network   [read more] [discuss]

Anime Expo 2010 announces Eden of The East Trio as official guests of honor
Anime Expo has announced that the Eden of the East trio, Kenji Kamiyama, Satoru Nakamura and Tomhiko Ishii, will be guests of honor at the July convention. Anime Expo is scheduled for July 1 - 4 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.   [read more] [discuss]

Northern Michigan Anime Convention announces guests
Northern Michigan Anime Convention has announced Vic Mignogna, Chris Patton, and Year 200X as guests for their August 7th and 8th convention in Traverse City, Michigan.   [read more] [discuss]

Anime Expo 2010 announces Japanese seiyuu, Katsuyuki Konishi, as guest
Anime Expo has announced Japanese seiyuu, Katsuyuki Konishi, as a guest of honor at its July convention.   [read more] [discuss]

On the passing of Carl Macek
Doug Wilder, a writer for, reflects on how Carl Macek's efforts in bringing anime to America can still be felt today.   [read more] [discuss]

April 21, 2010

QC Anime-zing! announces guest voice actor Robert Axelrod
QC Anime-zing! has announced an appearance by actor Robert Axelrod in Bettendorf, Iowa this June. He replaces Carrie Savage on the guest list, who is no longer attending the convention.   [read more] [discuss]

Fashion designer Naoto Hirooka to be guest at Otakon 2010
Japanese fashion designer Naoto Hirooka, better known as h.Naoto, will be a guest at this year's Otakon. The convention will take place in Baltimore, Maryland this July.   [read more] [discuss]

April 25, 2010

Anime St. George announces Steven Savage as guest of honor
Anime St. George in southern Utah has announced that "professional geek" Steven Savage will be attending as a guest of honor for their September 25th convention.   [read more] [discuss]

FanimeCon 2010 announces GAINAX executive Hiroyuki Yamaga as guest of honor
FanimeCon 2010 has announced the return of GAINAX executive Hiroyuki Yamaga as a guest of honor. This will be Mr. Yamaga's 13th guest appearance at the convention. FanimeCon will take place May 28th to 31st in San Jose, California.   [read more] [discuss]

April 27, 2010

Tickets to Ai-Kon now available through Ticketmaster
Ai-Kon has announced that tickets are on sale through Ticketmaster. The convention will be held this July in Winnipeg, Manitoba.   [read more] [discuss]

FanimeCon 2010 announces animator and illustrator Mamoru Yokota as guest
In the latest in a string of announcements, FanimeCon has announced a guest appearance by animator and illustrator Mamoru Yokota.   [read more] [discuss]

Japanese musical group AKB48 will appear at Anime Expo 2010
Anime Expo has announced that Japanese musical group AKB48 will be guests of honor at the Los Angeles convention this July.   [read more] [discuss]

April 28, 2010

United Fan Con, Inc. announces Spring Kaiju Experience
United Fan Con, Inc., the organization behind New England Fan Experience, has announced their second annual Spring Kaiju Experience. The one-day event will take place on May 22nd in Boston, Massachusetts.   [read more] [discuss]

Shuto Con announces Michelle Ruff and other guests
Shuto Con has announced guests Michelle Ruff, Year 200X, Doug Smith, and the creators of the documentary Hobocon. The convention will take place in Lansing, Michigan in March 2011.   [read more] [discuss]

PortConMaine announces college scholarship to be awarded for 2010
PortConMaine has announced a $500 scholarship to be awarded to one of the college bound or college enrolled PortConMaine community members. Entries are due by June 1st. PortConMaine will be held June 24-27 in South Portland, Maine. The scholarship will be presented during the cosplay competition at the convention.   [read more] [discuss]

April 29, 2010

Ai-Kon 2010 announces final round of guests
Ai-Kon has announced its final round of guests: voice actors Kirby Morrow and Christopher Ayres. The convention will be held in Winnipeg, Manitoba this July.   [read more] [discuss]