Anime Convention News Archive by Month
February 3, 2005

Yoko Ishida to perform in concert at Anime Boston 2005
Anime Boston has announced Yoko Ishida as their first-ever musical guest. She has performed the themes to series such as Pretear, A Little Snow Fairy Sugar, and Ai Yori Aoshi.   [read more]

February 9, 2005

Anime Expo announces a 24-hour manga library
The SPJA has announced that Anime Expo 2005 will have a 24-hour manga library. Over 2,000 manga books will be available to check out and read at the convention.   [read more]

February 16, 2005

Anime Overdose announces English-language premiere of A Tree of Palme
Anime Overdose has announced that they will be holding the English-language premiere of A Tree of Palme, a film by Takashi Nakamura. Producer Janice Williams and Actress Kira Vincent-Davis will be on hand after the film for a Q&A session.   [read more]

February 17, 2005

AnimeNEXT matches tsunami relief donations
AnimeNEXT has announced that they will match donations made through its web site to UNICEF for tsunami victims in southeast Asia up to $5000.   [read more]

Metrocon seeks ninja, pirate, and other cosplayers
Tampa Bay's Metrocon convention is now accepting applications from potential attendees interested in participating in the convention's "Ninjas vs. Pirates" human chess match. Applications are due by March 6th. For more details, visit the Metrocon home page.   Source: AnimeNation

February 21, 2005

New guests and events announced for Sogen Con
Sogen Con has announced the attendance of Michael Coleman, Luci Christian, Christine Auten, Tiffany Grant, Robert DeJesus, Emily DeJesus, Chugworth Academy, VG Cats, and Kumiko Kato.   [read more]

Bakuretsu Con announces guests
Bakuretsu Con has announced that AMV and fan parody creator Scott Melzer and web comic artist Michael "Mookie" Terracciano will be guests at the October convention.   [read more]

February 22, 2005

Anime Expo announces first three Japanese guests
The SPJA has announced the first three guests for Anime Expo 2005: artist Kazue Yamamoto, character designer and animation director Hiroshi Osaka, and voice actress and singer Maaya Sakamoto.   [read more]

February 25, 2005

The Pillows to perform at Anime Central
Anime Central has announced that the popular J-rock band, The Pillows, will be performing at their convention this May.   [read more]

February 26, 2005

More voice actors announced for Anime Boston 2005
Anime Boston has announced its next round of voice acting guests. The announcement includes Johnny Yong Bosch, Melissa Fahn, Cynthia Martinez, and Chris Patton. Another guest announcement is expected soon.   [read more]

February 27, 2005

Yuricon announces four special guests for the Yuri Revolution Event in Tokyo
Yuricon has announced that Natsuko Mori, Akiko Mizoguchi, Eriko Tadeno, and Rica Takashima will be guests at the Yuri Revolution event in Tokyo, Japan, on April 16, 2005.   [read more]