Anime Convention News Archive by Month
December 2, 2003

Pacific Media Expo announces T.M.Revolution concert
Pacific Media Expo is proud to host the first concert series highlighting the best that Asia has to offer in pop music. This year's concert will feature Japanese music superstar T.M.Revolution as its centerpiece and rising young star Nami Tamaki as the opening act. This year's concert is sponsored by Sony Music International and Tofu Records.

December 6, 2003

April convention hotels filling up
On Friday, both Anime Boston and Sakura-Con reported that they have sold out of all rooms in their hotels except for some with single beds.   [read more]

December 22, 2003

Anime Expo launches new web site
After a months with the same black page, Anime Expo 2004 has re-launched their web site at The new site contains attendance figures for 2003 which officially make Otakon 2003 the largest anime convention in North America.