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Meg Turney

Austin, TX USA

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Meg Turney is a nerdy web hostess whose adventures include performing with Cirque du Soleil for Nerdist News, interviewing comic greats for deviantART, and covering the latest and greatest in video game news for Slim Jim. Most recently, Meg was part of SourceFed and SourceFedNERD, where she did everything from shooting guns in the desert to exploring Tokyo's hotspots for YouTube's Geek Week. You can currently find her discussing life, love, video game news, and her dog on her personal YouTube channel and heading up Rooster Teeth's news coverage of all things geek on The Know. Meg is also a cosplay veteran, having been in the community for 14 years. In that time, she's been internationally recognized for her work and appeared in the last season of Syfy's Heroes of Cosplay.



Convention Guest Appearances:
   Otafest 2015 - May 15-17 in Calgary, AB
   Fan Expo Dallas 2015 - May 29-31 in Dallas, TX
   FanExpo Canada 2015 - September 3-6 in Toronto, ON
   Long Beach Comic Expo 2016 - February 20-21 in Long Beach, CA
   MCM London Comic Con 2016 - May 27-29 in London, UK
   MCM Hannover Comic Con 2016 - June 4-5 in Hannover, Germany
   Indy PopCon 2016 - June 17-19 in Indianapolis, IN
   FanExpo Canada 2016 - September 1-4 in Toronto, ON
   MCM Scotland Comic Con 2016 - September 24-25 in Glasgow, UK
   Central Canada Comic Con 2016 - October 28-30 in Winnipeg, MB
   FanExpo Vancouver 2016 - November 11-13 in Vancouver, BC
   Ikkicon 2017 - December 30, 2016 - January 1, 2017 in Austin, TX
   Fan Expo Dallas 2017 - March 31 - April 2 in Dallas, TX
   MegaCon Tampa Bay 2017 - September 29 - October 1 in Tampa Bay, FL
14 guest appearances

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