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As well as voicing Sailor Neptune for the Sailor Moon series, Barbara Radecki has worked on countless television shows, commercials, and films. She starred in films The Death of Alice Blue and Expecting-which earned her a nomination for a Canadian Comedy Award-as well as on TV shows such as Throwing Stones, Good Dog, Getting Along Famously, and 11 Cameras, among many others. Today, she focuses her creative energies on her writing. She has several scripts in development, a 3-year stint under her belt co-writing the award-winning blog, The Middle Ages, and, most recently, finished a coming-of-age novel, The Darkhouse, about a teenaged girl who must face the terrible truth about her past if she's going to survive.



Convention Guest Appearances:
   Unplugged Expo 2014 - September 27-28 in Toronto, ON
   Anime North 2016 - May 27-29 in Toronto, ON

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    Barbara Radecki

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