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Carol-Anne Day is a veteran voice actor with a career that started in anime in 2001. She has since provided voices for characters in more than 40 different projects, most notably: "Four Murasame" in Gundam, "Teen Chi Chi" in Dragonball, "Fiona" in Zoids: Chaotic Century, "Marino" in the Megaman X Command Mission video game, "Mai Tokiha" in Mai Hime, and "Misaki Tokura" in Cardfight!! Vanguard.

When she is not busy recording animated projects or video games, she is also involved with dinner theater and numerous musical endeavours spanning back up singing to lead guitar, songwriting, and recording with her indie rock band, Bellewether.



Convention Guest Appearances:
   Otafest 2013 - May 17-19 in Calgary, AB
   Animethon 2013 - August 9-11 in Edmonton, AB
   Otafest Aurora 2014 - November 29 in Calgary, AB
   Nishikaze 2015 - June 13 in Lethbridge, AB

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