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Christine Turcotte

Japanese Fashion Fan
Québec, Canada

Christine Turcotte, better known as "Criic", is passionate (even obsessed) about Japanese fashion. She's an alternative model, a public speaker as well as a fashion blogger.

By being pretty active on social media, her goal is to inspire people to express themselves through their clothes and to wear an excentric style every day. She also travels once per year to the fashion districts of Tokyo in order to do reports and research which she posts on her Facebook page and her personal website. Furthermore, she hosts conferences and workshops in various conventions throughout Canada revolving around self-confidence and Harajuku fashion.

She got known through Skyrock in 2006, and in 2007, she created a forum called "The Rainbow-Team", which rapidly became a reference for all fans of decora and fruit fashion. "The Rainbow-Team" is often quoted in Japanese fashion magazines and newspapers worldwide.

Criic regularly organizes events and gatherings for fairy kei and decololis, and sometimes even Japanese fashion shows. Her last fashion show as of now was back in April, and it was a success. If you stumble upon her, do not hesitate to ask her for more information, or simply to say hi!



Convention Guest Appearances:
   G-Anime 2012 - January 27-29 in Gatineau, QC
   G-Anime 2013 - January 25-27 in Gatineau, QC
   G-Anime 2014 - January 24-26 in Gatineau, QC
   GeekFest Québec 2014 - July 5-6 in Quebec, QC
   G-Anime Winter 2015 - January 23-25 in Gatineau, QC
   Animara Con 2015 - September 19-20 in Sherbrooke, QC
   G-Anime Winter 2016 - January 22-24 in Gatineau, QC
   Animara Con 2016 - September 17-18 in Sherbrooke, QC
   GeekFest Montréal 2016 - November 5-6 in Montreal, QC
   G-Anime Winter 2017 - January 20-22 in Gatineau, QC

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