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Abando [visit site]

Furry Convention

February 6-9, 2016
Acampamento Monjolinho

Beautiful tropical landscapes, incredible parties, enjoyable weather and people with radiant happiness, Brazil always have been a target of tourists that wish to enjoy their free time to discover a new, friendly and different culture, and of course, run away from the winter! If you wish to make new furry friends, then we invite you to come and discover a little more about this country and enjoy all the fun and happiness of a 100% Brazilian furry camping con!

Abando was the first furry convention to be held annually in Brazil. Founded in 2008, occurs during the Brazilian Carnival (a traditional holiday there), and since then it's been writing history on everyone's hearts, from all corners of Brazil and some from abroad. During its four days of camping, under the heat of our February summer, you'll be able to meet several furries, artists, fursuiters and more.

Advance Rates:
R$ 450,00

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