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June 23-26, 2016
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Portland, ME

PortConMaine is Maine's first, longest running, and largest convention celebrating the hobbies that enrich our lives. Join us for a celebration of geek culture interests including anime, gaming, science fiction, costuming, fantasy, video gaming, boffer combat, comics, pop culture, steampunk, and more! Come to enjoy your current favorite fandom and learn something new about another! Meet old and new friends and join the community-- let's celebrate the interests we enjoy together!

We are a four day event- so join us for four days of awesome starting Thursday and going until Sunday with plenty of events, guests, and vendors to enjoy! We also have several events within walking distance to enjoy at the same time as the convention- with contests and more occurring at the mall across the street! PortConMaine: Maine's Geek Culture Celebration!

3,391 warm bodies

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Advance Rates:
$41.99 through Jun 1, 2016

At-Door Rates:
All 4 days: $45
Thu: $30
Fri: $30
Sat: $30
Sun: $30

501st Legion (Star Wars Costumers)
Brian Beacock (Voice Actor)
Barak Blackburn (Game Designer)
Bill Brock (Author)
Jessica Calvello (Voice Actress)
Chuck Carter (Creative Director / Founder, Eagre Games)
Svetlana Chmakova (Artist / Author)
Charles Dunbar (Anime Anthropologist)
Julie Falatko (Author)
Ellie Hillis (Cosplayer / Blogger)
Ross Kearney (Author)
The Mandalorian Mercs (Star Wars Costumers)
Bill McLean (Actor / Producer / Stunt Choreographer, Freight Train Films)
Gabby Nu (Cosplayer)
Odaiko New England (Taiko Drummers)
Rebel Legion (Star Wars Costumers)
Carol Salemi (Cosplayer)
Lucas Schuneman (Voice Actor)

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