Information on Ottawa Comiccon 2015

Ottawa Comiccon

Comic Convention

May 8-10, 2015
EY Centre

Organized by Capeflow Productions Inc

Ottawa Comiccon offers a lot more than just meeting famous guests. It is also a great place to discover independent artists and their creations, numerous merchants selling rare comic books, exclusive toys, pop culture-inspired apparel, and other great surprises along the way. Of course, we would not succeed without our fans. Great purveyors of entertainment, awesome makers of inspiring costumes and maintainers of the pop culture scene, we salute you and are looking forward to seeing you in May!

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501st Legion (Star Wars Costumers)
Robbie Amell (Actor)
Richard Dean Anderson (Actor)
Karan Ashley (Actress)
Bruce Boxleitner (Actor)
Billy Boyd (Actor)
Lar DeSouza (Web Comic Artist, Least I Could Do)
Ivy Doomkitty (Cosplayer)
Jonathan Frakes (Actor)
Brian Froud (Voice Actor)
Mira Furlan (Actress)
Walter Koenig (Actor / Writer)
Allison Mack (Actress)
Sean Maher (Actor)
Peter Mayhew (Actor)
Malcolm McDowell (Actor)
MeltingMirror (Cosplayer)
Jason Mewes (Actor)
Miss Messy Mia (Cosplayer)
Nichelle Nichols (Actress)
Jessica Nigri (Cosplayer)
Brian O'Halloran (Actor)
Dan Parent (Comic Artist)
Billie Piper (Actress)
Marina Sirtis (Actress)
Ryan Sohmer (Web Comic Writer, Least I Could Do)
Austin St. John (Actor)
LeeAnna Vamp (Cosplayer)
Paul Wesley (Actor)
Wil Wheaton (Writer / Actor)
30 guests listed

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Ottawa Comiccon

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