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Lexington Comic & Toy Convention

Comic Convention with Toys

March 16-17, 2013
Lexington Convention Center

The Lexington Comic & Toy Con is a gathering of all things and people related to the comic book and collectible toy industry. We will have vendors and exhibitors spanning many genres including comic books, new and vintage toys, magazines, gaming, horror, sci-fi, anime, films, music, and more!

Karan Ashley (Actress)
Blake Anthony Foster (Actor)
Jason David Frank (Actor)
Walter E. Jones (Actor)
Riki "Riddle" LeCotey (Cosplayer)
Peter Mayhew (Actor)
Cindy Morgan (Actress)
Jason Narvy (Writer / Actor)
Paul Schrier (Actor)
Catherine Sutherland (Actress)
Cerina Vincent (Actress)
Billy Dee Williams (Actor)
David Yost (Actor)

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Lexington Comic & Toy Convention

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