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Phoenix Comicon

Comic Convention with Anime, Costume, SciFi, Steampunk and TV

May 23-26, 2013
Phoenix Convention Center

Organized by Square Egg Entertainment

Phoenix Comicon is the signature pop culture event of the southwest.

55,313 turnstile attendance count

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John Barrowman (Actor)
Kristin Bauer van Straten (Actress)
Bruce Boxleitner (Actor)
Julie Caitlin Brown (Actress)
Dean Cain (Actor)
Jason Carter (Actor)
Claudia Christian (Actress)
Fon Davis (Visual Effects / Model Maker, Fonco)
Robin Atkin Downes (Voice Actor)
Gigi Edgley (Actress)
Sandy Fox (Voice Actress)
Mira Furlan (Actress)
Stephen Furst (Actor)
Caitlin Glass (Voice Actress / ADR Director)
Illich Guardiola (Voice Actor) cancelled
Laurie Holden (Actress)
Grant Imahara (Host / Robot Expert)
Jerry Jewell (Voice Actor)
Walter Koenig (Actor / Writer)
Lex Lang (Voice Actor)
Yuri Lowenthal (Voice Actor)
Jamie Marchi (Voice Actress)
Vic Mignogna (Voice Actor)
Cindy Morgan (Actress)
Bill Mumy (Actor)
Nichelle Nichols (Actress)
Tara Platt (Voice Actress)
Chandler Riggs (Actor)
Michael Rooker (Actor)
Jewel Staite (Actress)
J. Michael Straczynski (Writer)
Tara Strong (Voice Actress)
Amanda Tapping (Actress)
Alexis Tipton (Voice Actress, Funimation Entertainment)
Garrett Wang (Actor)
Wil Wheaton (Writer / Actor)
36 guests listed

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Phoenix Comicon

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