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March 8-10, 2013
Hilton Atlanta

MomoCon is an annual three-day anime, animation, manga, gaming, and costuming convention! MomoCon is held in downtown Atlanta, Georgia every March, and features over 900 hours of events and programming, and includes such features as vendors, artists, contests, tournaments, celebrity guests, concerts, karaoke, interactive workshops, martial arts, cultural events, and events targeted at every age group!

12,200 warm bodies (estimated)

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Overall Rating: 3.5 stars (based on less than ten member ratings)

Advance Rates:
$30 through Feb 24, 2013

Brent Allison (Associate Professor, University of North Georgia)
Manda Bear (Cosplayer)
Martin Billany (Voice Actor / Anime Parody Creator)
Steve Blum (Voice Actor)
Sean Patrick Fannon (Game Designer)
Katie George (Cosplayer)
Jennifer Hale (Voice Actress / Singer)
Yaya Han (Cosplayer)
Eric Hokanson (Prop Maker, Polymer Armory)
Catherine Jones (Owner, God Save the Queen Fashions)
Sifu Kisu (Martial Arts Expert)
Eloy Lasanta (Game Designer, Third Eye Games)
Riki "Riddle" LeCotey (Cosplayer)
Monika Lee (Cosplayer)
Sketch MacQuinor (Animator)
Mark Meer (Voice Actor)
Lindze Merritt (Cosplayer)
Marianne Miller (Voice Actress)
Cara Ann Murray (Assistant Director, Double Rainboom)
Meredith Placko (Costume Designer / Actress / Reporter)
Zachary Rich (Director, Double Rainboom)
Mark Zoran (Prop Maker, Razorfly Studios)

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