Information on Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo 2011

Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo

Comic Convention with Anime

June 17-19, 2011
BMO Centre

Attendees View 2 users in attendance

Advance Rates:
$35 in advance

At-Door Rates:
$40 weekend; $20 Fri; $25 Sat; $25 Sun

The 404s (Improv Comedy Group)
Vincent Caso (Actor)
C.B. Cebulski (Editor, Marvel Comics)
Amanda Conner (Comic Book Artist)
Camilla d'Errico (Comic Artist)
Felicia Day (Actress)
Lar DeSouza (Web Comic Artist, Least I Could Do)
Maile Flanagan (Voice Actress)
Jonathan Frakes (Actor)
Summer Glau (Actress)
KC Green (Web Comic Creator, Gunshow)
Chris Hastings (Web Comic Creator, The Adventures of Dr. McNinja)
Jeph Jacques (Web Comic Artist)
Dave Kellett (Comic Artist, Sheldon)
Scott Kurtz (Creator, PvP)
Jeff Lewis (Actor)
LoadingReadyRun (Online Video Creators)
Sam Logan (Web Comic Creator, Sam and Fuzzy)
Vic Mignogna (Voice Actor)
Ryan North (Creator, Dinosaur Comics)
Amy Okuda (Actress)
Jimmy Palmiotti (Comic Book Writer)
Sandeep Parikh (Actor)
George Perez (Comic Artist / Writer) cancelled
David Prowse (Actor) cancelled
Ryan Sohmer (Web Comic Writer, Least I Could Do)
Kristofer Straub (Web Comic Artist)
Mark Texeira (Comic Book Artist)
Robin Thorsen (Actress)
29 guests listed

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