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July 8-10, 2011
Connecticut Convention Center

ConnectiCon 2011 will be held July 8-10, 2011 at the Connecticut Convention Center and Hartford Marriott Downtown. Events at the convention center will take place on Friday and Saturday between 8am and midnight, and Sunday between 8am and 6pm. Events at the Hartford Marriott Downtown will run 24-hours a day beginning at 8am on Friday morning and ending at 6pm on Sunday evening.

Over 7,000 people attended ConnectiCon in 2010, making it one of New England's largest pop culture events. Why pop culture you ask? Well, because ConnectiCon doesn't focus on just one element of fandom, the convention's organizers are fans of a lot of different things, so we focus on all of the awesome stuff that we like including: web comics, anime, console games, board games, table top miniatures, science fiction, fantasy, comics books, roleplaying games, live action roleplaying, collectible card games, and horror. You name it we've probably got something related going on, even Madden Football, and spontaneous games of Twister while folks wait in line! ConnectiCon has "Everything but the kitchen sink!"

8,050 paid attendees

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Overall Rating: 3.6 stars (based on 10 to 25 member ratings)

Advance Rates:
$40 through Mar 19; $50 through Jun 4

At-Door Rates:
$60 weekend; $30 Fri; $40 Sat; $25 Sun

Rob Alexander (Illustrator)
Curtis Arnott (Voice Actor / Writer, TeamFourStar)
Rachel Ayers (Web Comic Creator, Near & Far)
Jamie Baldwin (Artist / Writer, Sudden Valley)
Steve Belledin (Artist)
Joel Bergen (Writer)
Blondie (Web Comic Artist, Caf-fiends)
Nick Borkowicz (Web Comic Artist, Dead of Summer)
Emily Care Boss (Game Designer)
Jennifer Brazas (Web Comic Creator, Mystic Revolution)
Fox Bruner (Web Comic Creator, Faulty Logic)
Tim Buckley (Web Comic Artist, Ctrl+Alt+Del)
Anthony Clark (Web Comic Artist)
Brian Clevinger (Web Comic Artist, 8-Bit Theater)
Naomi Craig (Web Comic Creator, The Prime of Ambition)
Marty Day (Web Comic Writer, Ghostfreehood Alliance)
Patrick Delahanty (Senior Editor / Founder, /
Rob DenBleyker (Web Comic Creator, Cyanide & Happiness)
Lar DeSouza (Web Comic Artist, Least I Could Do)
Carlos Ferro (Voice Actor)
Alyssa Follansbee (Web Comic Creator, The Prime of Ambition)
Luke Foster (Web Comic Creator, Moon Freight Three)
Brion Foulke (Web Comic Creator, Flipside)
Scott Frerichs (Voice Actor, TeamFourStar)
Darren J. Gendron (Web Comic Creator, Dernwerks Comics)
Felix Gilman (Author)
Garth Graham (Web Comic Artist, Comedity)
Shawn Handyside (Editor / Artist, HALOLZ / Staccato)
Mohammad "Hawk" Haque (Artist, Applegeeks)
Daniel Kevin Harrison (Voice Actor)
Chris Hastings (Web Comic Creator, The Adventures of Dr. McNinja)
Chris Hazelton (Web Comic Creator, Celestial Filing Depot LLC)
Alex Heberling (Comic Artist)
Jared Hedges (Writer / Producer)
CJ Henderson (Author)
Ben Kahan (Web Comic Creator, Ansem Retort)
Steve Kenson (Writer)
Nick Landis (Voice Actor, TeamFourStar)
Michele Lang (Author)
Dave Lister (Producer, Studio Nasu)
Christiann MacAuley (Web Comic Creator, Sticky Comics)
Matt Melvin (Web Comic Creator, Cyanide & Happiness)
Ben Morgan (Artist)
Alex Muniz
Steve Napierski (Web Comic Creator, Dueling Analogs)
Jamie Noguchi (Web Comic Creator, Angry Zen Master)
Yuko "Aido" Ota (Web Comic Artist, Fallen / Johnny Wander)
Ananth Panagariya (Writer, Applegeeks)
Jeff Pelletier (Web Comic Creator, White Rose)
Alina Pete (Web Comic Creator, Weregeek)
Tina Pratt (Web Comic Artist, The Paul Reveres)
Scott Ramsoomair (Web Comic Artist, VG Cats)
Rachel Robinson (Voice Actress)
Rosscott (Web Comic Writer, The System)
Kevin Roy (Web Comic Creator, Caf-fiends)
Christopher Smith (Voice Actor)
Ryan Sohmer (Web Comic Writer, Least I Could Do)
Jon St. John (Voice Actor)
David Stanworth (Web Comic Artist / Writer, Snafu-Comics)
Richard Stevens (Web Comic Artist)
Caldwell Tanner (Illustrator, CollegeHumor)
Peter Tarkulich (Web Comic Creator, Bardsworth)
Michael "Mookie" Terracciano (Web Comic Artist, Dominic Deegan)
Michael Tresca (Writer / Artist / Gamer)
Kelly Turnbull (Web Comic Creator)
Cristina Vee (Voice Actress)
Veronica "Taeshi" Vera (Web Comic Artist, Bittersweet Candy Bowl)
Sean Wang (Web Comic Creator, Runners Universe)
Joel Watson (Web Comic Creator, Hijinks Ensue)
Scott Wegener (Web Comic Creator, Atomic Robo)
David Willis (Web Comic Creator, Short Packed)
Kris Wilson (Web Comic Creator,
Aaron Wood (Web Comic Creator, Near & Far)
73 guests listed

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